How Much of a Ripoff Is Travel Size Shampoo?


Do you buy travel sized shampoo bottles? Of course you do. We’ve all been there. Packing for a trip and realizing you have no small containers. Or arriving at your destination and realizing – crap – you forgot to pack shampoo! Or even worse, your airline tossed your luggage out of the plane! (At least, that’s the way it seems when they lose your bag.)

Travel size shampoo has it’s place. But I don’t want us to get lazy and buy them for the convenience.

How much of a ripoff is travel size shampoo?


Traveling Luggage Illustration

Your Kid Goes Abroad and Misses Home: What To Do

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Image via Flickr by Aurelijus Valeisa

Children moving abroad can face many cultural challenges that make adjustment difficult. Whether kids move by themselves or with their families, there are a few things that parents should know before their kids head to other countries.

Your Child Will Miss Home



Hotel Rooms 25% off on Priceline

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If you’re making holiday travel plans or planning on a winter vacation, make sure to check out the hotel prices on Priceline. Right now you can get up to 25% off thousands of hotels across the country. Because Priceline works with so many friggin hotels, you can expect to see hotel deals in all major cities across the country, and most medium and small sized cities, too!

How to get this deal

  • Book before Dec. 17, 2014.
  • Travel before Feb. 28, 2014
  • Best hotels will go quickly! If you can sneak it in before Thanksgiving, the selection will be MUCH better.

Get 25% off hotel rooms now.


ScanLife App: Save Before You Spend


ScanLife helps you save on purchases with just a quick picture!

I love to find bargain prices but looking for them can be a real pain. ScanLife offers the solution to this problem. This new app, available for both iOS and Android devices, takes the work out of finding the best price by finding the best deals for you.  Sound too good to be true? Find out how ScanLife helped me save $20 on one purchase!

How ScanLife helps you save



5 Ways to Travel For Less


Traveling for budget or pleasure? Via shutterstock

Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, there are many things that you can do to travel without having to spend outside of your means. Let’s take a look at how you can save money regardless of whether you have a limited budget or are looking to splurge and have a good time on your next trip.

5 tips to travel for less (more…)