Use your United Airlines miles for free eBooks.

New Use for United Airline Miles: Free eBooks!


Fly away into a good book. /via Shutterstock

Need more options for what to do with expiring airline miles? I already get more magazines than I can read each month, and never have enough for a flight or for “purchasing” items in the mileage stores. So when I got another letter from United saying I had 10,000 miles about to go the way of the buffalo, I was excited to see that I can “spend” my United miles on free eBooks or audio books!

The MileagePlus Digital Media Store recently began offering current, popular titles including Hilary Clinton’s Hard Choices, and the latest from Stephen King, Robert Galbreath (aka JK Rowling), and Malcolm Gladwell. They offer titles from broad categories including fiction, nonfiction, travel, mystery, and children’s/young adult fiction.

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Planning a vacation? Use Ebates to score cashback! Via Shutterstock.

Cheap Travel: Ebates’ Travel Cash Back Page

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Planning a vacation? Use Ebates to score cashback! Via Shutterstock.

I love to travel and go on trips. Actually, that’s where I spend the majority of my “fun” money. So far this summer I’ve been on three road trips with friends…and I’m planning at least two more before summer’s end! Apparently I’m not alone with my love of summer travel. According to a survey conducted by Ebates, 82% of Americans are planning a summer trip! The site set up a page devoted to travel bargains with cash back rebates - I’m in love.

How to save on travel with Ebates



Exploring Worldwide Travel Options


Ohhhh how lovely Greece is! Via Shutterstock

There are unique ways to travel independently worldwide without having to spend a fortune. Some companies own and operate resorts and other lodging facilities in hundreds of destinations worldwide. People can purchase memberships at such companies and enjoy a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to making travel plans all over the world. Travel companies usually own waterfront properties along some the coasts of the Americas, Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

Members of exclusive travel companies can select to stay in oceanfront or seafront hotels and private homes.


Which credit card offers the best rewards? Via Shutterstock.

New Credit Card: Which Should I Choose?


Which credit card offers the best rewards? Via Shutterstock.

Currently, I have one credit card with a $500 limit. While the credit card is in my name, it’s paid by my father and is only really used for emergencies or family expenses. I’ve been thinking about moving out of my parent’s house and once I do, I’ll have to start paying this card on my own or get a personal credit card. Since I’m not the most organized person, I’m worried that once I’m responsible for the card I’ll miss payments or be late. That’s why right now I only use my debit card for personal transactions. On top of this, I’m also not sure if the credit card I have is the best choice. Here is a comparison of credit cards that I’m thinking of opening.

My top 5 credit card choices


Adult Summer Camp

Summer Camp For Adults: Your Turn For Fun!

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It’s not about small tents and dirty shoes: summer camp for adults offer all kinds of specialty classes. Via Shutterstock.

Summer camp for adults is fast becoming the vacation of choice for those who no longer have to plan summer camp for their own kids! There are adult summer camps for outdoorsy types, foodies, music lovers, and more passions – all without sacrificing the creature comforts you’re used to. The adult summer camp trend is growing rapidly, and there are now about 800 camps in the U.S. catering to grownups.

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Splitting the bill: Fair or Unfair?


Splitting the bill is easy – but is it fair?

Last week I went on vacation with two friends, and we agreed that splitting the bill for everything was the best choice for airfare, condo, rental car, food and drinks. Meals out were our individual responsibilities. I put all expenses on my credit card – I volunteered, so I could get the points – and the ladies reimbursed me for all pre-paid costs. Throughout the week, I made grocery purchases and hung on to the receipts to add up and divide once we got home. And now, as I go over the receipts, I wonder:

Is it really fair to “split the bill”?


Can you afford to be a bridesmaid? Via Shutterstock.

How to Avoid Bridesmaid Bankruptcy


Can you afford to be a bridesmaid? Via Shutterstock.

This summer my sisters and I are the only bridesmaids for my cousin’s wedding. While it can be hard to save as a wedding guest, it seems nearly impossible as a bridesmaid! Since I’m on a budget (and really who isn’t?) I’ve been looking for ways to save while still being a helpful and supportive bridesmaid. Here are my tips for how to save when you’re part of the bridal party.

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How to Attend a Wedding on the Cheap

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Celebrating with family and friends shouldn’t break the bank. Via Shutterstock.

Between the gift, travel, and buying a dress, attending a wedding can cost over $1,000..for only one day! And you thought I was crazy for spending $1,400 in four days! I can’t justify spending $1,000 to attend a wedding, even if I love the couple. While skipping the wedding is an option, I discovered 11 ways to attend a wedding without blowing through your savings account.

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Drop the map and explore the city with a local guide! Via Shutterstock.

Travel on the Cheap with Local Tour Guides

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Drop the map and explore the city with a local guide! Via Shutterstock.

Who knows a city better than those who call it home? No one. The website provides local guides for frugal prices, so, as a traveler who relies on local friends to show me the spots, of course I’m in love!

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