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The Buy Nothing Project

Score Free Stuff Locally: The Buy Nothing Project

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I came for the free stuff, and stayed for the neighbors! /via Shutterstock

What if getting free stuff could bring you closer to your neighbors?

The Buy Nothing Project is a movement that aims to build community by providing a forum for people to give and receive items amongst their neighbors.

An avid fan of saving money everywhere I can, I was initially excited about the prospect of “free stuff,” and I’ve found the project to be so much more! Based in Facebook groups which are limited to local areas, the main idea of BNP is that members can post what they want to give, share, or lend; or ask for what they might need to acquire or borrow.

Since I joined my local Buy Nothing group, here’s what I’ve found (more…)

Dollar Store

Five Surprising Dollar Store Facts


Did you know that dollar stores are set up for quick shopping? Via Shutterstock.

As a bargain shopper the dollar store is one of my favorite places to shop, so I thought I knew everything there was to know about shopping there. I was wrong! Here are five dollar store facts that will surprise even frequent dollar store shoppers.

5 fascinating facts about dollar stores



The Case for Child Labor: Roth IRA For Kids


A lemonade stand or other job can fund a Roth IRA. Via Shutterstock

After reading an article in the NYTimes that urged teens to drop their summer job money into a Roth IRA, I thought, why stop there? Why shouldn’t parents set up a Roth IRA retirement account for their young children? Roths must be funded with earned money – so why not put their babysitting money into a dependent Roth IRA and let them enjoy the results of compounded growth over a half century?

Pretty much nobody does this even though it leads to wicked big retirement accounts. The NYTimes story says:

It’s rare, however, that families consider the possibility of giving a child a running start on retirement savings. It’s a shame, too. That’s because the boost that comes from opening a retirement savings account as a teenager instead of a few years after college can lead to hundreds of thousands of extra dollars after a half-century of growth.

Is it crazy to set up a Roth IRA for kids?


coconut water

10 Everyday Uses for Coconut Water

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coconut water

When I visited Trinidad and Tobago on my honeymoon, roadside vendors would slice the top off a fresh coconut with a machete, stick a straw in it and hand it over. It was bliss! I haven’t found a store-bought version that even comes close. Yet these days, coconut water seems to be everywhere.

Not to be confused with coconut oil or coconut milk, coconut water seems to be “the” drink of the moment. It has been purported to prevent aging, improve cardiovascular health, manage stress, boost energy and digestion… along with a host of other health claims. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? And is it just a beverage, or does it have other uses as well?

Coconut water – what is it good for?


Teach your children about money now to avoid debt later. Via Shutterstock.

6 Essential Lessons to Avoid Debt


Teach your children about money now to avoid debt later. Via Shutterstock.

This past year I graduated college debt free…which makes me an anomaly among my friends. Many of my friends owe more than $50,000 (my boyfriend has more than $150,000 in college debt!) and have no strategy for paying it back. Many of them know almost nothing about how to manage their finances and are unaware of how costly high interest rates are! I was lucky enough to have a father who drilled me on the importance of staying out of debt AND gave me the tools to do so.

6 lessons to stay out of debt



The Eight Online Retailer Essentials

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Entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry. The proof? One article published in Forbes says that there are 102,728 e-commerce retailers in the US that are making at least $12,000 per year. These figures were determined using various sources by ReferralCandy, a company that automates and customizes referral programs for online stores.

There are many reasons why majority of businesses, regardless of size, have decided to go online. The first reason is for survival. It is a reality that a people are turning to online shopping, and even the most successful brand names in the retail industry have suffered great losses due to their e-commerce competition. (more…)


My Terrible Experience with Petro Home Oil

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Oil tank reads ZERO, thanks to Petro Home Oil.

After being a Petro customer for 8 years, I would not recommend them. We have paid above market rates for home heating oil, they let our oil tank zero out, and we did not receive a tune up for 27 months.

Find a company like Anchor or Nite Oil that will charge you market rates for oil and leave fixes up to a pay-by-the-hour technician. If you do want a service contract, carefully evaluate the cost of paying ahead for service that you might never need. Think about it, do you have a service contract for your toilet? Your dishwasher? Your fridge?

Here’s why I hate Petro Home Oil


Use your United Airlines miles for free eBooks.

New Use for United Airline Miles: Free eBooks!


Fly away into a good book. /via Shutterstock

Need more options for what to do with expiring airline miles? I already get more magazines than I can read each month, and never have enough for a flight or for “purchasing” items in the mileage stores. So when I got another letter from United saying I had 10,000 miles about to go the way of the buffalo, I was excited to see that I can “spend” my United miles on free eBooks or audio books!

The MileagePlus Digital Media Store recently began offering current, popular titles including Hilary Clinton’s Hard Choices, and the latest from Stephen King, Robert Galbreath (aka JK Rowling), and Malcolm Gladwell. They offer titles from broad categories including fiction, nonfiction, travel, mystery, and children’s/young adult fiction.

Continue reading for details on getting free eBooks with United Airlines miles: (more…)

Pediatric Dentistry: Tips for Finding Coverage – Dedicated

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When it comes to dental care, a lot of low-income families do not have proper access. Many dentists refuse to accept patients that have government-sponsored insurance programs such as Medicaid. This means that millions of children do not have the opportunity to receive any sort of dental care on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are some compassionate and caring dental practices that are willing to accept patients with Medicaid and other forms of health insurance. Parents that have low incomes should explore all possible resources for keeping kids healthy and happy.

Avoid getting trapped into overspending at the grocery - via Shutterstock

5 Tips for Avoiding Supermarket Traps


Avoid getting trapped into overspending at the grocery – via Shutterstock

It happened again – I overspent at the grocery store. I went in to Trader Joe’s for toilet paper and came out with 3 bags filled with grapes, cheese, Brussels sprouts, Cookie Batter (Oh. Em. Gee.), vodka, coconut water and a bill for $87. What happened?! Supermarket traps is what happened. I looked it up and according to a recently article by MSN Money, it’s a real thing. Stores use strategies to get you to leave with more than you went in for. Have no fear, friends. The ladies at Bargain Babe are here to help.

5 tips for avoiding supermarket traps