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Get Cheap Gas With Shell Rewards Program

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Who loves cheap gas? You do! Via Shutterstock

If you’ve ever filled up your gas tank at Shell, you’ve seen the promos for earning 3-cents off per gallon. Kind of small potatoes, right? Now there is a special promotion where you can earn up to 60-cents off per gallon for some really cheap gas.

Get big discounts on gas in two easy steps



Find $1,080 In One Simple Step


Free money makes me happy, too. Via Shutterstock

Are you contributing to your 401k at work? If not, you are throwing away money – and I mean money that your employer WANTS to give you. Think of it as a yearly bonus on top of your salary that is just waiting for you. This bonus could be as much as $1,080. That’s a lot of free money! I call it your 401k bonus and it’s the easiest way to make money.

To get $1,080 dollars, do this one simple thing.



Searching for the perfect Valentine's gift?

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Personalized Romance Novels

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Searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Check out these new customizable romance novels! Via Shutterstock.

Every Valentine’s Day I tend to shy away from traditional gifts of flowers and chocolate. Instead, I look for new and unique personalized gifts. Whether that means making up a man’s bouquet, mixing up DIY bath bombs, or even just baking a new Valentine’s Day recipe it’s fun to try something different every year! What’s the must-have gift this year? A personalized romance novel!

Unique Customized Romance Novels for Valentine’s Day



How to Get a Purebred Pet Without Paying a Premium Price

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Certain breeds of dogs have different personalities. Some dogs are better with kids, some make better apartment pets (like Great Danes, believe it or not!) and some are more energetic. There are people who prefer a specific breed of cat or dog that matches their lifestyle and personality, others like a certain aesthetic. If your heart is set on a purebred dog or cat, is there a way around hefty breeder fees?

9 ways to get a purebred pet on a budget





Are you chained to your student loan debt! Learn the best way to pay back your loans today. Via Shutterstock.

8 Shocking Student Loan Myths – Debunked


Are you chained to your student loan debt? Via Shutterstock.

With seven in ten college students graduating with student debt AND the average debt load hitting $33,000 in 2014, it’s no surprise that my friends in their 20s are FREAKING OUT. I hunted down eight common myths about student loans to help you stay on top of your loans and pay them off as quickly and cheaply as possible.

8 Student Loan Myths Debunked



What Crazy White Yogis Taught Me About Money

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The only photo of a yogi in white available via Shutterstock.

I went to the most bizarre yoga class that taught me more about life and money than anything I can think of. I knew the class was going to be unusual from the second I walked into the studio. Everyone was dressed entirely in white – more than two dozen men and women.

I could leave. But why not stay and see what happens, I thought?


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.43.49 AM

Best Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to share some of the hot tech gifts I’ve seen: A ring that vibrates when your cell has an incoming call, a USB charger that is powered by the sun, and four more gifts for teens, guys, and gals. If your sweetie pie loves technology…

Avoid overspending with these six gadget gifts for Valentine’s Day. (more…)


How To Save Money On Car Insurance

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Whoops! Car insurance is a relief when accidents occur. Via Shutterstock.

If you drive a car, and these days who doesn’t, you know one of the largest expenses associated with operating a car is the insurance. Car insurance mandatory in almost all the states, so no getting around carrying it.

Gas prices are dropping and hopefully will continue to drop, but it is the monthly insurance bill that is the single largest expense. And insurance rates have not been going down over the years, many of us may be paying $100 a month or more.

So how can we try to reduce our car insurance costs?