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15 Budget-Friendly Adult Halloween Party Recipes

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Stab peeled apples with a rough twig to make “shrunken head punch.”

Halloween has a reputation as a kids’ holiday, especially among the DIY set where cheap party ideas – think spaghetti masquerading as brains – reign supreme. But why shouldn’t adults participate fully in all the frightful fun that kicks off the holiday season? From ghoulish goodies to magical mixtures, there is plenty for grownups to enjoy!

15 ideas for a frugal adult Halloween party with the right amount of scary (more…)

Make sure you can enjoy your retirement with help from Money Looms!

Turn $5 into $17,000 for Retirement

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Make sure have enough saving to enjoy your retirement with help from Money Looms! Via Shutterstock.

At just 23 I began thinking about saving for retirement. Many people think that saving for retirement should begin once you’re too old to enjoy things “comfortable,” which really means once you won’t have to make any sacrifices. This mindset might be why the average American retires with just $129,000 at age 65! While $129,000 may seem like a lot of money, after inflation, it is nowhere near enough, considering healthcare and home care costs that might become necessary. So, how can you save more without earning more? Money Looms‘ retirement calculator has an intriguing answer.

Save more for retirement — without earning more


Child and computer game via shutterstock

The High Price of Online Games for Kids

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Child and computer game via shutterstock

From Animal Jam to Minecraft to Five Nights at Freddy’s and other online games and apps, you’d be surprised how addictive and potentially expensive these games can be. Sometimes you don’t even know how much you’re being gouged until the iTunes bill arrives and by then, it’s too late.

The Best and Worst Online Games for Kids.





Online Holiday Shopping to Grow 9%: How To Get the Best Deals #shopmobile

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Do shop online or in store?

Online shopping this Christmas and Chanukkah are expected to jump 8.5 to 9 percent this year. Wow! That’s a major increase and we predict it means two things. 1) Retailers will offer more mobile coupons to compete for mobile shoppers. 2) There will be intense pressure to download retailer mobile apps, which help retailers create strong bonds with shoppers. Here’s how to save the most while mobile shopping.

Are you shopping more on your mobile?


spirit jugs

Halloween Decorations: 8 Easy DIY Crafts!

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Looking to add some creepy Halloween fun to your yard or home without breaking the bank? Then you’ll love these easy DIY Halloween decorations. Many of these decorations may look difficult BUT actually require few materials and simple steps.

8 Frugal DIY Halloween Decorations


Eyeball wreath from Best Halloween Store

6 Easy DIY Creepy and Cute Halloween Wreaths

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Eyeball wreath from Best Halloween Store

If you pop into Michael’s Arts & Crafts this time of year, you’ll see some pretty impressive… and pretty pricey Halloween wreaths. Some are up to $80. Scary! But before you go screaming into the night, take a look at our Halloween wreaths you can make yourself. Get your crafty on and save a killing by making it yourself.

6 DIY Halloween Wreaths So Easy to Make It’s Scary!



FREE eBook: Saving Money on Medication

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Prescription costs can be unpredictable. Via Shutterstock

How many prescriptions does your family fill every month? Ever been shocked at the price? (A dermatologist recently gave us a script for poison oak that rang up for $1,314. No joke. We did not fill it.) FamilyWize is a community service partnership that has been helping people reduce prescription costs for more than 10 years. Since 2005, the site has helped 8.8 million people save more than $925,000,000 on prescriptions. Now, to celebrate turning 10, FamilyWize has created a free ebook on controlling prescription costs.

You can read it free online or download a copy. Topics in the ebook include…



13 Steps To A Fabulous Wardrobe

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Love how you look. Via Shutterstock

One of my most stylish friends recently shared her strategies for streamlining your wardrobe to look great – on a budget. That’s easier said than done for folks like me, who pick up great pieces for pennies on the dollar at thrift stores, but then come home to a mish-mash of clothes. How do I tie my wardrobe together? What pieces do I need to buy new to pull everything together and create many more outfits?

13 steps to a fabulous wardrobe


Pumpkin bread via Shutterstock

The 10 Best Deals on Pumpkin Spice Foods

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Pumpkin bread via Shutterstock

Now is the time where everywhere you go, everything seems to be pumpkin spice flavored. This year, there seem to be more items than ever: pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin butter, pumpkin ice cream… even pumpkin spice flavored pumpkin seeds. But which items are the best value – in terms of taste as well as price? We took the challenge and went shopping.

These are our favorite deals on everything pumpkin spice.



Save on BIG BILLS with Cinch Financial

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That feeling when you’ve paid off a big bill.

I just learned about a new site called Cinch Financial that helps people save money on their biggest monthly bills. Think cell phone bill, credit card debt, mortgage. This company focuses on the hard stuff because they believe that while you know how to cut down on everyday expenses (like giving up your daily coffee habit!) the big stuff can get confusing.

What I love most about Cinch Financial is their Bill Snap feature.

You send them the bill of your choice and receive personalized recommendations. (more…)


Is Amazon Subscribe & Save Secretly Raising Prices?


Psst. It’s true. Via Shutterstock

I love Amazon and continue to use it despite a recent piece in the New York Times that revealed how awful it is to work there. But the piece seeded doubts. If Amazon was so awful to some of it’s employees, was it also treating me badly? I wanted to know if Amazon was quietly raising prices on my Subscribe & Save items.

If you’re new to Subscribe & Save, go here for deets then pop down to No. 11.

I reviewed the prices over the past year that I’ve paid for six items, laid out in a chart below.

So is Amazon secretly raising prices? You’ll be shocked by what I found.


Don't get the flu this year! Take advantage of these flu shot deals.

Best Flu Shot Deals 2015


Don’t get the flu this year! Take advantage of these flu shot deals. Via Shutterstock.

Sadly, flu season is once again right around the corner. Getting a flu shot is a MUST in our house because we have both young family members (my nephew is six) and older relatives (my grandmother is 81) that often stay with us. It’s very important for everyone to get a flu shot to protect themselves from the flu virus BUT vaccinations can get pricey. Here are the best flu shot deals I’ve found in 2015.

Top Flu Shot Deals of 2015