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DariFree Milk Alternative

6 Ways to Go Dairy Free on a Budget

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DariFree Milk Alternative

Looking for a dairy alternative? There’s soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, oat milk, potato milk, flax milk… and many other substitutes for cow’s milk. I’ll be honest, I love dairy. And so do my kids. But one of my kids can’t have dairy, so I’ve made it my mission to find milk alternatives that pass the kid taste-test and don’t cost a fortune.

6 tips for finding dairy alternatives on a budget



How paying off student loans helped my budget

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Paying off loans can put money back in the bank – via Shutterstock

Paying off my student loans was the best thing that I did for my budget – and I owe it all to Suze Orman. Did you know that Americans have more student loan debt than credit card debt? In fact, according to Orman, we have over one trillion dollars out there in student loan debt. That’s insane! So, when Orman told me (well, not ME me. The room.) that if my $6,000 student loan debts were my only personal loans, then I should pay them off in full – pay them off I did.

How paying off student loans helped my budget


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8 Closet Organizers To Achieve Zen

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I have a confession to make. I am the least organized person in the world and every year around this time I always start to feel a little anxious. Why? Because it’s almost time for Spring cleaning. Ughh! If you dread spring cleaning and getting organized as much as I do, you may want to invest in one of these closet organizers. Not only will they help you get organized but they will make it much easier to keep it that way!

8 Closet Organizers That Will Transform Your Closet



Losing Sleep Over Toddlers And Daylight Savings


Clocks move forward tonight. Via Shutterstock

Warning: I wrote this post after only four hours of sleep.

I got four hours of sleep last night, thanks to my three-year-old daughter who mysteriously woke up at 11:15 p.m. screaming. She didn’t quit, except to inhale, until after 2 a.m. That’s when my husband dragged her out of our bed – we thought sleeping with us would calm her – it didn’t. And plopped her down in her own bed. Then slept badly in her bed, while I conked out. For the record, I let him sleep in extra this morning.

Tonight we’ll lose another hour thanks to Daylight Savings



25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil


A little bottle of tea tree oil can go a long way – via Shutterstock

I am a huge fan of natural cleaning products to save money and be eco-friendly. I am also trying to replace all of my health and beauty products with natural remedies, like essential oils. I love tea tree oil, because I can use it in several ways! Tea tree oil for cleaning, tea tree oil for warts, tea tree oil toothpaste! This essential oil is so diverse and effective, you will wonder how you lived without it before.

 25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil



10 Backyard Ideas To Transform Your Yard

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It’s approaching the first day of Spring which means that it’s almost time for backyard barbecues and outdoor fun! If your backyard leaves a bit to be desired you may be dreading this time of year. Don’t worry! These 10 ideas will spruce up your yard for a low cost AND give you a backyard to brag about.

10 Budget-Friendly Backyard Ideas 


Sustain Green Credit Card

The Greenest Credit Card in Existence

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I have never written about a specific credit card on until now. Most of you have enough credit cards or use debit cards, right? But this credit card from Sustain:Green is truly unusual: every dollar you spend saves a rainforest. Okay, not the entire rainforest, but a tiny part of a huge one in Brazil.

I’m writing about this unusual credit card today because I believe in taking personal responsibility for climate change.

Note: there are no affiliate links in this post.

The Sustain:Green MasterCard is biodegradable, too


Which is the best dishwasher for you via shutterstock

Dishwashers: What is the Best Dishwasher for Your Money?


The best dishwasher for you via shutterstock

Last week, my dishwasher of 10 years decided that it just didn’t feel like doing its job. It was done. And after scrubbing dirty dishes in the sink by hand, I was done, too. So I went to Sears to find a new dishwasher. Aside from the sticker shock, here’s what I found.

Shopping for a dishwasher? Here’s what you can expect to get and pay for low-, mid-, and high-end dishwashers.



Costco: What Not to Buy at My Favorite Warehouse Store


What do you avoid buying at Costco? mandritoiu /

During college I survived through my Dad’s generous Costco buys. Six girls living in one house….it’s no surprise we loved all those bulk buys and extra savings and that hasn’t changed for me! There are so many way to make your Costco membership worth it BUT there are plenty of BAD BUYS at Costco.

25 items to avoid at Costco



Winner of Pancake Griddle Contest

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Are you a winner?

Announcing the winner of the Presto pancake griddle contest, sponsored by my desire to forget about the heaps of snow on the ground and focus on delicious, steaming, pancakes. My Presto griddle is a workhouse that makes pancakes and potato-bacon hash on the weekends. You can check out out here. (Price ranges from about $35-$49 on Amazon.)

  • Never burns pancakes
  • Cooks pancakes and bacon and eggs very quickly so hungry children whine less
  • Is easy to clean in the sink (it’s submersible)
  • Makes excellent grilled cheese and hot sandwiches

And the winner is… (more…)


Frugal Doesn’t (Have to) Mean Dumpster Diving

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Being frugal can make you happy. Via Shutterstock

What do you think of words like “thrift” and “frugal”? Those words evoke thoughts of, perhaps, deprivation and poverty. Some people presume cutting down on your spending is equivalent to searching dumpsters for finding one’s meal. It is no doubt why so many of us prefer a life of overwhelming debt to a frugal one.

Let me make things very clear.