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Party Of Four Needs Cheap, Healthy Eating Ideas


Kids eat healthier when they’re involved with food preparation. Via Shutterstock.

A friend of mine, newly single and the mother of three young children, spends nearly $1,000 a month on groceries and prepared food to feed her family. Part of the problem: she hates to cook, she gets home right before dinner needs to be ready, and she skips leftovers. She asked me how she could reduce her grocery bill by several hundred dollars a month.

I brainstormed 13 ideas to help her save money on groceries. (more…)

Did you know there's more to hydrogen peroxide than just cleaning wounds? Via Shutterstock.

Bizarre Facts About Hydrogen Peroxide

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Did you know there’s more to hydrogen peroxide than just cleaning wounds? Via Shutterstock.

It’s hard not to fall in love with hydrogen peroxide. It can be used for everything from whitening teeth to cleaning cutting boards, so it’s a must-have in our home. Even better, it’s cheap! You can usually snag a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for $1. Our list of the best hydrogen peroxide prices will help you score a sweet deal.

Bizarre Facts About Hydrogen Peroxide (more…)


How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally – Recipes!

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Natural dyes for Easter eggs. Via Shutterstock

I’ve decided to dye my Easter eggs naturally this year. Why? Why not? I have little kids in the house and I don’t see any point in buying a dye kit when I have spices and vegetables on hand that I can use instead. Plus, then I don’t have to run out to buy the kit. Anybody with kids knows what a time suck it is to run errands with little ones!

Easy recipes to dye Easter eggs with natural ingredients. (more…)

Make these DIY decorations for a festive Easter dinner! Via Shutterstock.

8 Easy Easter Decorations You Can Make


Make these DIY decorations for a festive Easter dinner! Via Shutterstock.

Here’s a bunch of different ideas for making your home festive this Easter. All come with detailed instructions for how you can complete the job yourself…and don’t be afraid to get the whole family involved! There’s a little bit of everything in this post from pillows to centerpieces and beginner to advanced, there’s something for everyone!

8 Easy DIY Easter Decorations



A Weekend in the Windy City – Dedicated

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Learn all the reasons why you should visit Chicago…even if you’re on a budget! Gravity Wave/Flickr

Chicago is known as one of North America’s greatest cities. From food to architecture to legendary sports teams, the Windy City is a fantastic destination for everyone from jet-setters to backpackers.

The city’s hospitality is simply unrivalled. For the ultimate in accommodation, Chicago hotels offer everything from sprawling lakeshore views to trendy boutique rooms. Restaurants abound and the city’s culinary culture is well known throughout the world as being both innovative and affordable.

One of the greatest things about this storied American city is the abundance of inexpensive activities for tourists. Here are some of Chicago’s best attractions for limited budgets. (more…)

Good pictures will help clothes sell themselves on eBay!

Six Tips to Successfully Sell Clothes on eBay

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Good pictures will help clothes sell themselves on eBay!

As I make the switch from my winter to spring wardrobe, I found myself with the decision to donate or sell my clothes. Over dinner with my best friend, she told me how she has made hundreds of dollars recently selling clothes on eBay. Now I’ll admit, it has been years since I’ve ventured onto the online marketplace and I remember the selling process being tedious and complicated. My friend assured me that with the new eBay mobile app, it takes only a few minutes to list and sell. So I gave it a shot and quickly learned why some of my items were selling and some weren’t. It’s all about marketing folks!

Six tips to successfully sell clothes on eBay



21 Ways The Library Can Save You Money


Saving Money at the Library via Shutterstock

I’m a library nerd: I love books, but I don’t love paying for them. For the holidays, I bought my brother-in-law a gift card to a book store so he could download eBooks, which he apparently spends a lot of money on. I asked my sister if he ever considered downloading them from the library. They didn’t even know that was an option! Did you?

Here are 21 25 ways the public library can save you money. (more…)

Passover means food, family and holiday savings with a little smart shopping. Via Shutterstock.

Passover Groceries: 10 Tricks to Save Money

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Passover means food, family and holiday savings with a little smart shopping. Via Shutterstock.

The eight-day celebration of Passover begins on Monday, April 14. Eight days of remembering the deliverance of the Israelites from the bonds of Egyptian slavery, and the passing over of the ten plagues that afflicted Pharaoh’s subjects. Eight days of eating kosher for Passover food, avoiding products leavened with yeast. Eight days of additional Passover groceries.

The items you need for the Seder might include matzoh, matzoh meal, gefilte fish, eggs, honey, carrots, raisins, apples, chicken, beef, lamb, oil, eggplant, oranges, chopped liver, Kosher wine, sweets such as macaroons and chocolates, root vegetables for soup, Haggadah booklets, foil and baking pans, paper and plastic utensils. Then there’s the rest of the week, when many Jews want to continue eating kosher food, and prices can be 20% higher than for non-kosher food. And for Kosher for Passover foods, the cost goes up even more. The processing of kosher foods, particularly meats, requires more labor, less automated machinery and the constant presence of rabbinical supervision.

What’s a baleboosteh* to do, and still enjoy holiday savings?



How to Build a Vintage Wardrobe on a Budget – Dedicated

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Vintage clothing is hot right now, as you can see if you take a look at the red carpet or at the success of websites like Etsy. Classic clothing can be a great investment beyond its trendiness, however. If you’re thinking about injecting a dose of new style into your wardrobe with vintage fashions, however, you might be surprised by how expensive it can be. With vintage in high demand, there’s lots of competition for the best deals. Keep the following tips in mind to score some mint condition vintage pieces even on a budget. (more…)

Where can you snag the best prices on hydrogern peroxide? Via jypsygen / Flickr.

Who Has The Best Price on Hydrogen Peroxide?


Where can you snag the best prices on hydrogern peroxide? Via jypsygen / Flickr.

We love hydrogen peroxide because it saves so much money (especially as an alternative to cleaning and health care products) but who has the best price?

We checked prices at nine different retailers, using online prices, so your in store price may differ. Use coupons to snag an even better deal, but of course!

We use hydrogen peroxide for so many things, from whitening teeth to removing yellowing from lace. If you have yet to learn of the amazing powers of hydrogen peroxide, check out our list of 25 uses for hydrogen peroxide.


Who has the best price on hydrogen peroxide? (more…)