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make your own composter

How to make your own composter for cheap


If you’ve ever contemplated composting at home you know that the plastic bins that hold household and yard waste are expensive, impossible to move, and rodent-prone. I know a low-cost solution!

Store-bought compost bins, like the one above, cost more than $100. (Would you believe Home Depot sells a composter that is $398?) Once the bins fill with waste, they can burst at the seams. At the same time, they get too heavy to relocate. The containers are open on the bottom, enticing raccoons and rats to dig a hole for easy trash access.

However, it is very easy to make your own composting bins from empty buckets. DIY power!

Here’s what you need to Make Your Own Composter:


Birthday celebration via shutter stock

203 Birthday Freebies to Help You Celebrate

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Birthday celebration via shutterstock

My birthday isn’t for another few weeks, but I’ve already started celebrating with the free birthday coupons I’ve been receiving by email. Just last week, I got a free FroYo at Menchies (a $5 value)! Last year, I did a post on birthday freebies but since then have learned of SO many others, so I’m passing on my updated list to you.

Here are 203 birthday freebies.


save money by ditching cable

Save Money by Ditching Cable (and Still Watch Your Favorite Shows!)

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The television industry has been slow to adapt to the digital revolution. Three long years ago, Americans were already spending more time consuming digital media than watching the tube and that hasn’t changed. It’s not that we’re watching less television or even consuming network TV on our tablets, but rather that more of us are choosing Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and even networks’ own streaming options over cable or satellite.

The reasons that more people are cutting the cord are pretty obvious. Who among us watches more than a handful of the hundreds of channels that come with a cable subscription? Unless you’re a sports fan chances are the shows you watch can be accessed without a cable or satellite plan. And TV plans are getting more and more expensive while some of the best content out there is being produced directly by the big three streaming services.

Are you ready to make the switch, save some cash and gain access to a new world of content? Here’s what you need to do:

finding unbeatable deals online

4 Easy Steps to Finding Unbeatable Deals Online!

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My friends are amazed by the deals I find. Sometimes that’s a compliment and sometimes it means I accidentally left a clearance tag on a birthday present (yep, happened this weekend with a .30 cent price tag; thankfully my friend T is very understanding and has a good sense of humor). Some of my deals just come about through persistence (if you hit the Goodwill twice a week you will eventually find treasures). But over the years I have discovered some tricks that help me find the deals I want (and of course some I never knew I needed).

Last week, I posted an Intro to Amazon Warehouse Deals. That is definitely how I find a lot of my irresistible bargains. I tend to briefly check the warehouse multiple times a week because the prices and availability vary so much. I wanted to share a few more tips about shopping for rock bottom-prices, and reflections on when is a deal really a deal. Today’s tips are make an ISO list, utilize price compare tools, create deal alerts and go in for the kill.


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Where to Find Cheap Accessories for the Perfect Spring Look

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Spring has finally sprung, which means it’s time to revamp your style. After all, the start of a new season is the perfect time to give yourself a makeover. But that doesn’t have to mean a drastic transformation. Even doing something small like buying new accessories can make all the difference.

Everyone deserves to splash out every now and then, but not all of us can afford to spend huge amounts of money on new clothes and accessories. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t look good. We know how important it is to not deprive yourself of the things you love, even when you are keeping an eye on your bank balance, which is why we have put together this list of where to find perfect spring accessories that don’t cost a fortune.

Elegant Watches



Five Tips for Saving Money at Shopping Malls

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Trips to the mall are almost always fun… and almost always expensive. Even for those of us who do most of our shopping online, there are times when you have no choice but to hit the brick and mortar stores. And once you’re there, the displays and sales tactics make it very difficult to resist making impulse buys. So what can you do to help mitigate the expense?

Below are some of the top tips we’ve gathered from experience and research which will help you save some serious cash at the mall.

Hit the Mall Before the Sales 



13 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Mason Jars

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Whether you find a dusty collection at a yard sale, or buy a new box at your local clearance store, you may be surprised at the many uses of the classic jar. Able to withstand high temperatures and pressure, glass jars are a healthier, more durable choice than their plastic container counterparts (and they could be around a whole lot longer). Not to mention adding that little touch of vintage charm to your home! If you look a little closer you will find a huge array of accessories and ideas that take the “Ball” jar to the next level. We’re talking gifts, cleaning, storage and downright adorable decorative touches. These aren’t your grandma’s canning jars, folks!

How to Reuse Mason Jars


gift ideas for music lovers

6 Cool and Affordable Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

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The best gift in the world is music. Music connects people across the world and allows us to express our inner selves. When it comes to giving presents, there are many ways to impress music lovers. The right gift can enhance their enjoyment of music and enable them to integrate music into every aspect of their lives. Such gifts exist, and you don’t have to dig deep to afford them.

6 Cool and Affordable Music Gift Ideas


Have You Shopped At Jet? We Did Some Price Comparisons

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Have you discovered Jet? Over the holidays I made my first purchase there: a Furby doll for my kids. I have come to deeply regret that purchase – the doll never.shuts.up and it has no off button (really!). But at least I know I got the best deal on it. The base price at Jet was cheaper than anywhere else, plus I had a coupon code, which means I was at least frugal when I sacrificed my sanity for my children’s short-term happiness.

I have visited Jet several times since then to find even more bargains. If you like to buy household staples online, Jet offers some significant savings. But you can also find great deals on toys, small appliances, and more.

6 Things You Should Know About Shopping at Jet


instant pot

10 Reasons Why the Instant Pot Could Be Your Favorite Kitchen Tool EVER!


If you aren’t familiar with it, the Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker/porridge maker, sauté/browning pan, steamer, yogurt maker and stockpot warmer, all wrapped into one. Pressure cooking has been the preferred cooking method in many kitchens for years, but the Instant Pot takes pressure cooking to a new level. It’s a huge improvement from traditional stovetop models that have to be closely monitored and can pose safety risks. Now pressure cooking is simple and safe!

How the Instant Pot Makes Cooking Fun Again


Anti-aging products

How to Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles Like a Pro

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I started using facial lotion with sunscreen and foundation with sunscreen when I was 22 years old. I’ve never smoked. Seldom drink. I began using Retin-A occasionally when I was in my 20s for acne. So I always assumed I’d be able to keep wrinkles at bay… but that’s not been the case. Pregnancy, time and hormone changes have brought wrinkles to my face and I just don’t like them. I decided to cast a wide net and ask people – not advertisers – what products or treatments they use to fight pesky lines and wrinkles. These are their responses.

Real responses for fighting real wrinkles.



Saving or Spaving? Are You Spending Just for the Thrill of Saving?

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Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re browsing online and you read about an amazing deal on a product you have never considered buying. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it. Still, it is such a steal that you buy it anyway, convincing yourself that a bargain like this is too good to pass up. You, my friend, are a spaver. You are spending just for the thrill of saving.

We’ve all been there. But a good bargain hunter knows that spaving is more spending than saving, so here are 10 ways to break the habit.

How to Stop Spaving



Easy Gardening with AeroGarden: No Need for a Green Thumb

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The first time I saw an AeroGarden on an infomercial, I admit I was skeptical. Despite years in high school working at a gorgeous plant nursery, I seem to inevitably kill any plants I take under my care. Undaunted, I always plant a little something every spring and, without exception, all of my gardening experiments have ultimately failed. (My theory is that the children are thriving, and I just can’t seem to multi-task.)  Now that I have seen the AeroGarden in action, I have to tell you that I am very impressed with it. Simply put, an AeroGarden is a counter-top size, indoor garden that uses air, rather than dirt, to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables all year! The latest version of the device has some impressive features, making it a must-have tool for any cook who favors fresh ingredients, or any brown-thumb like me who wants to succeed at gardening.