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Seven Magnificent Getaway Destinations for Couples

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There’s nothing like that feeling of grabbing your passport and jetting off on a romantic getaway with your partner. Snuggling up together on the flight and then touching down in new lands is what makes all that hard work worthwhile, so here’s a selection of the dreamiest destinations you can enjoy together. International travel may not be as cheap as domestic trips, but we know you’re savvy enough to stay on budget. And we’ve sprinkled our budget travel tips below.

6 amazing getaway destinations for your bucket list


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8 Canning Recipes You’ll Love This Fall

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The end of summer marks the end of my garden…sigh. Nothing beats the taste of homegrown veggies, that’s why I’ll be canning the surplus from my garden this year. There are TONS of great recipes to try involving vegetables you can get fresh from your local farmer’s market or your own garden. You can also take advantage of the delicious fresh apples available this time of year. Visit your local apple orchard, grab some fresh apples, and treat yourself to sweet apple treats all year. Yum!

8 Canning Recipes for Fall



15 Essential Financial Skills

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Is your teen headed for financial disaster? Via Shutterstock

What are the basic financial skills you use everyday in life to survive as an adult? I bet they are so ingrained that you take them for granted. Financial expert Gregg Murset shares these stats:

October is National Financial Planning Month, but 68 percent of Americans probably won¹t take notice because they don’t put together a monthly budget to track income and expenditures. Which might explain why over 46 percent of households have credit card debt averaging $15,257 per household. Personal money management is not likely to improve in the next generation either.

There is no requirement in 66% of states for students to take personal finance courses in high school, and since most parents are not budgeting, most kids aren¹t going to learn these valuable life skills at home either. Additionally, a study by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that 89% of teachers believe that personal finance should be a mandatory class, but only 20% believe that they could competently teach that class.

Here are 15 essential financial skills teens need to survive



Best Deals for the New iPhone 6s/6s Plus

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This is not the 6s/6s Plus. Waiting for that image to be released. Via Shutterstock

You have to admit that the whopping 4+ million pre-orders of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in the first 24 hours of availability is pretty remarkable. It’s a record number for Apple and more confirmation – as if we needed any – that people love their iPhones. Now, both models sold out quickly. That’s bad news for early adopters but potentially good news for bargain hunters who want to check out the latest iPhone without spending full price.

The best deals on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus


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8 Healthy Halloween Treats for Your Little Spooks

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Pepper jack o’ lantern

Halloween is a time when sugary sweets are everywhere and almost unavoidable. Why not counteract all that white, bleached sugar with some healthy Halloween alternatives that are just as fun? With more and more schools encouraging healthy substitutions for parties, now’s the time to Trick your kids into some healthy Treats.

Here are 8 Healthy Halloween Treats.



Perks of Online Dating: Cheaper + Easier

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There’s nothing like falling in love. Via Shutterstock

Have you ever met someone through online dating? If not, you may scoff and think, Why not just choose traditional dating in person? But for many people, online dating is a better solution. It can be cheaper, more efficient, and perhaps more successful than relying on people you meet in person.

You haven’t tried online dating – What are you waiting for?



Quick Moist Arroz Con Pollo + More Dinner Recipes


Found this fun video of a mom and daughter team who make arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) together, which is one of my favorite dishes if you haven’t ever eaten it. Living in Rhode Island, there is a dearth of good Latino food, so I have to make it at home.

You’ll never guess what her secret ingredient is!



Smokers and Life Insurance – How Long Do You Need to Have Been a Quitter to Save?

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It is a well known fact that smoking is an unhealthy lifestyle choice, and as you might expect, this means smokers have to pay more for life insurance. Life insurance, like any insurance, is based on models of risk, and a person who chooses to do things that may endanger their health like smoking presents a higher risk of an early pay out than someone who takes a more saintly approach to their own wellbeing (of course, anybody can come down with a fatal illness or be in an accident, but insurers have to balance out those rare cases with more predictable ones using risk data). (more…)


Top 3 Benefits of Earning a College Degree

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A college degree means higher earnings, and less unemployment, in my experience. Via Shutterstock

Today, many adults who work full-time are making the decision to go back and get their post secondary degree. Oftentimes, these individuals have been in the workforce for several years, but don’t feel they are progressing in their career. Consider just a few of the reasons why post secondary degrees are so appealing to working adults who want to achieve more in their line of work.

Top 3 reasons to go back to college


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10 Baby Gifts You Shouldn’t Register For

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Baby gifts via shutterstock

Babies aren’t just “cute little bundles of joy.” Babies are big business. When you’re pregnant, it can be intimidating to set foot into one of those baby superstores. Suddenly, you realize just how many things your baby supposedly needs. It’s overwhelming – not to mention expensive! But what items do you really need and what can you do without? We combed the baby registries and came up with a list.

10 Baby gifts you don’t need:


Coconut Quinoa

Frugal & Delicious Make-Ahead Lunches!

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My boyfriend recently told me that he buys lunch every day at work! What does this amount to? About $10 a day or $200 a month. What!? His main reason for buying lunch is that he’s too busy in the morning to stop and make a lunch. That’s why I decided to find these quick and frugal make-ahead lunches. These are great for making the night before to just grab and go.

Make-Ahead Lunches for Work or School