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Does working from home save you money? Via Shutterstock.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home


Does working from home save you money? Via Shutterstock.

Working from home seems like the ideal: no early alarms, no primping for the office, no commute, and not a single boring work meeting. Sounds perfect, right? Since I graduated from college I’ve been working from home and the truth is working from home has a lot of disadvantages, too.

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How to Dye Your Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

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Get highlights or lighter hair with hydrogen peroxide. Via shutterstock

Going to a salon for professional highlights and hair coloring is expensive and time consuming. You can dye and highlight your hair with a $1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3%) at home. Just make sure to go slowly and read all the tips below to be safe. While a salon is THE safest way to dye your hair, it is possible to dye your hair safely at home. Of course, you could also dump a whole bottle on your head and come out with a terrible, blotchy dye job. So read these tips first!

I scoured the web to make this the most comprehensive post on how to dye your hair with hydrogen peroxide.

Using 3% hydrogen peroxide to highlight you hair.


Can you afford to be a bridesmaid? Via Shutterstock.

How to Avoid Bridesmaid Bankruptcy


Can you afford to be a bridesmaid? Via Shutterstock.

This summer my sisters and I are the only bridesmaids for my cousin’s wedding. While it can be hard to save as a wedding guest, it seems nearly impossible as a bridesmaid! Since I’m on a budget (and really who isn’t?) I’ve been looking for ways to save while still being a helpful and supportive bridesmaid. Here are my tips for how to save when you’re part of the bridal party.

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Save pennies by reusing Ziploc bags - via Shutterstock

21 Reuses for Freezer Bags


Save pennies by reusing Ziploc bags – via Shutterstock

I wash and reuse plastic freezer bags. It’s something I thought everyone did until a friend came over and asked why my sink was filled with them. Apparently she isn’t wise to the vast array of ways to reuse Ziploc bags. Allow me to enlighten her, and you!

21 reuses for freezer bags


How to get a deal on kids' haircuts

How to Score a Cheap Kids Haircut

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The kiddie hair salons today are really quite amazing – some have chairs in the shapes of cars, airplanes or motorcycles. They give out balloons and lollipops, there are arcade games, DVDs of your choosing, toys, books, and vending machines with small toys and prizes in them. You might as well be at Disneyland. And when you get the bill for your kid’s fifteen minute haircut, you’ll think that’s where you were.

Are you paying too much for your kid’s haircut? via Shutterstock 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good cheap kids haircut.


Saving money on produce is as easy as getting to know your local farmer. Via Shutterstock

16 Tips For Cheap Fresh Produce in Spring

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Finding cheap fresh produce is as easy as getting to know your local farmer. Via Shutterstock

It’s been a long, cold winter with record snowfall, which has stretch many family finances beyond comfort. The good news is that spring means fresh cheap produce. Cooking and eating healthy cheap meals is going to get easier (at least for several months).

 Here are 16 easy steps to scoring cheap, fresh produce.


Enter to win a $100 Target gift card from! kevin dooley / Flickr

Winner of $100 Target Gift Card from! – Dedicated


Who’s the lucky winner of a $100 Target gift card from kevin dooley / Flickr

One lucky reader is the winner of a $100 Target gift card from! Pirc provides coupon matches for a variety of stores including Target, Walmart, and CVS. If you’re the lucky winner of the $100 Target gift card, check your weekly Pircular for the best coupon match-ups on your favorite Target items!

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Via Shutterstock.

How to Attend a Wedding on the Cheap

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Celebrating with family and friends shouldn’t break the bank. Via Shutterstock.

Between the gift, travel, and buying a dress, attending a wedding can cost over $1,000..for only one day! And you thought I was crazy for spending $1,400 in four days! I can’t justify spending $1,000 to attend a wedding, even if I love the couple. While skipping the wedding is an option, I discovered 11 ways to attend a wedding without blowing through your savings account.

11 tips to attend a wedding on the cheap (more…)


7 New Mom Hacks to Save Tons of Money

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New moms needs lots of help. Via Shutterstock.

My sister inspired this list of new mom hacks to save money – she shared the first idea on this list, which can save every new mom about $20 in just a few minutes. To all the new Mom’s who need more sleep – I can’t give it to you – but I can help you save money!

Here are 7 new mom hacks to save tons of money. (more…)