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Use your United Airlines miles for free eBooks.

New Use for United Airline Miles: Free eBooks!


Fly away into a good book. /via Shutterstock

Need more options for what to do with expiring airline miles? I already get more magazines than I can read each month, and never have enough for a flight or for “purchasing” items in the mileage stores. So when I got another letter from United saying I had 10,000 miles about to go the way of the buffalo, I was excited to see that I can “spend” my United miles on free eBooks or audio books!

The MileagePlus Digital Media Store recently began offering current, popular titles including Hilary Clinton’s Hard Choices, and the latest from Stephen King, Robert Galbreath (aka JK Rowling), and Malcolm Gladwell. They offer titles from broad categories including fiction, nonfiction, travel, mystery, and children’s/young adult fiction.

Continue reading for details on getting free eBooks with United Airlines miles: (more…)

Pediatric Dentistry: Tips for Finding Coverage – Dedicated

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When it comes to dental care, a lot of low-income families do not have proper access. Many dentists refuse to accept patients that have government-sponsored insurance programs such as Medicaid. This means that millions of children do not have the opportunity to receive any sort of dental care on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are some compassionate and caring dental practices that are willing to accept patients with Medicaid and other forms of health insurance. Parents that have low incomes should explore all possible resources for keeping kids healthy and happy.

Avoid getting trapped into overspending at the grocery - via Shutterstock

5 Tips for Avoiding Supermarket Traps


Avoid getting trapped into overspending at the grocery – via Shutterstock

It happened again – I overspent at the grocery store. I went in to Trader Joe’s for toilet paper and came out with 3 bags filled with grapes, cheese, Brussels sprouts, Cookie Batter (Oh. Em. Gee.), vodka, coconut water and a bill for $87. What happened?! Supermarket traps is what happened. I looked it up and according to a recently article by MSN Money, it’s a real thing. Stores use strategies to get you to leave with more than you went in for. Have no fear, friends. The ladies at Bargain Babe are here to help.

5 tips for avoiding supermarket traps


What dollar store is the biggest? Via Shutterstock.

Which Dollar Store is the Biggest?

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Which dollar store is the biggest? Via Shutterstock.

Here at BargainBabe we love the dollar store! Shopping at the dollar store can save you big bucks especially when combined with coupons. Last year we shared 67 things you should always buy at the Dollar Store and were amazed at the amount of items that our readers love to buy! Make sure to stay away from these dollar store items!

We compared four of the largest dollar stores in the U.S. and the results may surprise you!

Comparison of four largest dollar stores in U.S.



Who Puts More on Your Credit Card? You or Hubs?


Daycare is our third biggest expense! Via Shutterstock

They say women handle 70% of household spending, which is why so many marketers gear their products and commercials towards us. (When’s the last time you saw a man in a cleaning ad?) I was curious if this rule held true for my husband and I, and if poking around our spending habits could shed light on ways we can save more money.

Who spends the money in your household?


We Rock Equipment

How I Grew My Business Into a Successful Franchise in 4 Years


We Rock Equipment

I first met Dina Kimmel at a yard sale she was having. She had recently bought a nearby kids’ gym and was selling their old equipment to make way for the new. It would be a brand-new business venture for her and her enthusiasm was contagious. It was to be a different kind of kids’ gym – a sensory gym with high-end therapy equipment that would especially meet the needs of children with autism. That’s when I discovered that we both had young sons on the autism spectrum. I was excited by her idea, which was unlike anything I’d heard of before.

When the newly named We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym opened a short time later, I took both my kids to the grand opening. Now, nearly four years later, Dina’s vision has spread into a successful franchise with more than a dozen locations.

How one woman turned her passion into profit.


Throw a fun and frugal cocktail party today! Via Shutterstock.

Secrets to Throwing a Frugal Cocktail Party


Throw a fun and frugal cocktail party today! Via Shutterstock.

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and sip cocktails…but cocktails can be pretty pricey. If you’re looking to have fun on a budget a cocktail party is a great way to do so. It’s actually cheaper than having everyone over for dinner. Not convinced? Check out our six tips for having a cocktail party on a budget.

6 tips to throwing a frugal cocktail party



A powerful tip to help negotiate a raise


A tip to getting the raise you deserve – via Shutterstock

Earlier this summer, I talked about how to successfully negotiate salary. And while my post focused on negotiating during the hiring process, the thought has come up again because it’s Annual Review time at my job. I have worked very hard over the past year, adding value to the company and even implementing new ways to generate revenue. Now there is no guarantee that I will even be awarded a raise during my review, but the chances are high. So I want to set myself up for success.

Chatting with an attorney friend last week, she told me a story of how her boss, the partner of her firm, always gets more money than he bargains for when negotiating his percentage of a successful case. She says he walks in to the room with a number in his head. He will not leave that room without getting at least that figure. But instead of coming out swinging and demanding that amount, he lets the other side go first by asking a simple, yet powerful question:

“What do you think I am worth?”


Should parents pay off children's debt? Via Shutterstock.

Should Parents Help Children With Debt?

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Should parents pay off children’s debt? Via Shutterstock.

I am lucky enough to have no college debt or debt in general. This is largely in part to my decision go to state school and the help of my father. While my Dad did pay for my college (Thanks Dad!) he also taught me about the importance of savings, investments, and living within your means. Recently, I wrote an article about whether you should lend your parents money. Many of you said yes. I’m wondering, do you feel the same way about helping children?

Would you help your child with debt?



My Friend is Poor. Should I Pay for Him?


Do you pay for poor friends? Via Shutterstock

I have a friend who doesn’t earn much money at his job. I know this because he’s fairly open about his expenses, and of course I love to talk about money too, so from time to time we’ve talked about how we manage our money, what our big expenses are, and what we’re cutting out of our budget. We’re both pretty frugal and that’s part of the reason why we get along so well. My friend will often bow out of expensive get togethers with our group of friends without making a big deal of it, but I suspect the reason is often money.

Should I pay for my poor friend?