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Save money on college


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Recently a conversation at our dinner table turned into a chat about college. My sister is in the ninth grade, but time flies. We discussed several options to reduce her college bill and I share six of them below. My main advice was to work hard and get good grades as this will eventually help her pay for her higher education.


Tax Fraud, College Money, and Corned Beef Recipe


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I share five must read blog posts about saving money every Friday.

Double duty items – Check out this list of 21 reusable disposable products. (Wisebread)

Home improvement – Thirteen simple DIY home maintenance tips and ideas. (Money Crashers)

Saving for college – If you have children planning to attend college, you must read this story filled with tips on 529 plans and scholarships. (USA Today)

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner – Need a recipe to celebrate St. Patty’s Day on Saturday? Try this Corned Beef Brisket recipe. (Faithful Provisions)

Tax Cheating – Thinking of lying on your taxes? Don’t. The IRS may get help catching tax cheats. (Smart Money)

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Cheap fall recipes, Birthday freebies, and Saving for the holidays


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I share five must read blog posts about saving money every Friday.

Birthday freebies – One blogger compiled a list of 21 birthday freebies at major chain restaurants and eateries.

Fall recipes – All You mag has recipes using cheap fall produce, like this appely twist on grilled cheese. Yum!

How to save for college – Kiplingers gives you the low-down on five tools to save for college.

Saving for the holidays – Time Moneyland shares three ways to save money for the holiday season.

Keeping your debit card safe – Main Street tells you which five places never to use your debit card to avoid identity theft.

College savings mistakes: 529 plan slip ups


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A 529 plan is a college savings plan with tax benefits. They have been around for 15 years, but there are still many misconceptions. I summarized these four tips from Marina Goodman, an investment strategist at Brinton Eaton in New Jersey.

1. Not realizing you can sign up for a 529 plan in any state. Just because you don’t live in Idaho doesn’t mean you can’t join that state’s 529 plan. While you can get lower state taxes for joining your home state’s plan, each state sets its own