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“Seven Reasons your gift will be returned,” Kiplinger’s, December 2014

Kiplinger Dec 2-14 BB

“Detergent pods are dangerous – and expensive,” Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, November 2014

WSJ MarketWatch November 2014

“Bargain Babe shares her tips for deals & steals,” ShopSmart (Consumer Reports), October, 2014

Winner “Best Deals and Bargains Blog,” FinCon ’14 Plutus Awards, September 2014

Finalist “Best Deals and Bargains Blog, FinCon ’14 Plutus Awards, September 2014

“Freebies just a click away,” Dallas Morning News, May 2014




“How to get free samples and products,” Kiplinger, April 2014


“Do bag bans tick off consumers?” Fox Business News, March 2014

“Holiday shopping tips for college students on a budget,” Fox Business News, December 2013

“All we want for Christmas is…cash!” Fox Business News, November 2013

“Best money saving apps for holiday shopping,” NBC Click on Detroit, November 2013


“5 Items we buy but don’t use,” Fox Business News, November 2013

“With self-branding, journos get digital push,” Net News Check, October 2013

“5 strategies for back to school tax free shopping,” US News, July 2013




“How to make the most of tax holidays this back to school season,” Fox Business News, July 2013

“Ally Bank Celebrates National Teacher Day,” Ally Bank, May 2013

“The Ultimate Home Savings List of 2013 – Experts Weigh In,” Home Insurance, February 2013

“Supermarket savings,” All You, February 2013

“Layer on the Savings,” USAA Magazine, Winter 2013

“How to save money while shopping this season,” People Style Watch, November 2012


“What my mother taught me about money,” Ally Bank Blog, November 2012

“Free summer activities for families (feature story)” Better Homes & Gardens, July 2012

“5 tips to save money on home renovations,” Bankrate, July 2012

“Money blogs cash in,” Chicago Tribune, June 2012

“How to Save on Groceries,” Real Simple, April 2012

“Top 75 blogs giving the best savings advice,”, April 2012

“My retirement plans,” Ally Bank, January 2012

“10 items that cost less in winter,” The Street, November 2011

“Blogger Moms – 3 writers on the secret to making a six-figure income blogging,” The RetailMeNot Insider, November 2011

“Best Retailers for Free Samples,” The Street, September 2011

“The gospel of getting a deal,” Rutgers Alumni Magazine, Fall 2011

“RIP daily deals? Not quite,” Fox Business News, September 2011

“10 things you should spend more for,” The Street (p5), September 2011

“Better money: get pumped,” Better Homes & Gardens, September 2011

“Back to school deals,” Mike Romigh Show WKBN, August 2011

“Five key steps to starting a successful blog,” International Business Times, August 2011

“20 Best Blogs for Frugal Tips,” CreditScore, August 2011

“When is the best time for back to school shopping,” Fox Business News, July 2011

“Saving Money,” NBC’s Nonstop News LA, June 2011

“The summer guide to buying in bulk,” The Street, June 2011

“Featured Blogger of the Week,” BlogHer Money, June 2011

“Entrepreneur Julia Scott cashes in on money-saving tips,” Portfolio, June 2010

“Bargain Babe’s Tips to Save Money on Groceries,” ABC News, June 2011

“A Free Father’s Day – How to Do It,” MSN Money, June 2011

“Groupon IPO,” KFWB (CBS) Evening News, June 2011

“Community management is the new black,” Knight Digital Media Center News, June 2011

“Website Review: Bargain Babe,” Work At Home Market, May 2011

“Morning Show with Mike Romigh,” WKBN, May 2011

“Saving money on groceries,” KFWB (CBS) Money 101 with Bob McCormick, May 2011

Video: Julia Scott of – Going From Music Major to Six-Figure Blogger, Bad Ballet, May 2011

“Is Mom Worth More Than Your Sweetheart? Americans Say Yes,” FOXBusiness, May 2011

“Shopping pays off big for couponers,” MSN Money, April 2011

Interview with, March 2011

“Comparing Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS Rewards Programs,” Fox Business, March 2011

“Spring Break Vacations for Cash-Strapped Students,” Fox Business, March 2011

“Lessons in entrepreneurship: Tips for saving time,” Knight Digital Media Center, January 2011

“Susan Alexander: Frugal quiz asks tough budgeting questions,” Knox News, January 2011

“8 Friends who drain your wallet,” Mainstreet, January 2011

“Tips for staying financially fit this year,” Marketplace NPR, January 2011

“Top 39 Mommy Bloggers for Saving Your Money,” Political Science Degree, January 2011

“Free Shipping Day Brings Great Holiday Deals,” ABC Money Matters, December 2010

“5 savvy ways to spend gift cards,” Bankrate, December 2010

“7 Black Friday Shopping Strategies,” Mainstreet, November 2010

“HouseLogic Spotlight: Bargain Babe’s 8 Money-Saving Tips to Go Green,” Houselogic, November 2010

“Twenty-one cool products and services you can get for free,”, November 2010

“7 ways to score discounted gift cards,”, November 2010

“Julia’s Savvy Blogging Summit 2010 To-Do List,” Savvy Blogging, October 2010

“Top 100+ Personal Finance Blogs,” Wise Bread, October 2010

“Do you have a good headshot,”, September 2010

“ business profile,”, October 2010

“Scary, Cheap and Fun: DIY Halloween Costumes,” NBC LA, October 2010

“Bargain Babe: The good, the bad and the ugly of entrepreneurship,” Knight Digital Media Center, September 2010

“How to Swap Gift Cards,”, September 2010

“Best Ways to Use Twitter to Save Money,” CBS, September 2010

“Save money now,” Time (blog), August 2010

“19 Surefire Money Savers,” Time (blog), August 2010

“How to save money on hair styling,” Common Sense With Money, August 2010

“101 Twitter Feeds for Fabulously Frugal Living, (I’m No. 20) Online Accounting Degrees,” August 2010

“The good buy girl,” Better Homes & Gardens, pg. 125-126, July 2010

“Best bargains from the week,” The David Magee Show, July 2010

“eCollegeFinder Financial Mentor Award Recipient,”, July 2010

“Compute the real cost,” Family Circle, pg. 67, July 2010

“Clothing swap,” NBC 4, June 2010

“Buzz about Frugal Fe$t!,”, June 2010

“Mega clothing swap Frugal Festival descends on North Hollywood this Saturday,” LA Times All The Rage, June 2010

“Nab a $19 discount in 80 seconds,” MSN Smart Spending, June 2010

“51 blogs to help you better understand how to budget,” (No. 2), May 2010

“Guest speaker,” KDMC News Entrepreneur Boot Camp at University of Southern California, May 2010

“Radio guest,” Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show, May 2010

“My changing relationship with money,”, April 2010

—“Handy Randy Home Improvement Radio Show,” KPAM 860 AM, April 2010

“Cash only: Week 1. I actually spent more!,”, April 2010

“MiCash Favorite 50 Personal Finance Blogs,”, April 2010

“Could living without credit cards reduce spending?”, March 2010

“Money morality and helping low-income friends,” Shoestring Magazine, March 2010

“Dot Dot Dish: Recommended reading,” Los Angeles Garment & Citizen, March 2010

“Martha Stewart Living radio show,” Sirius Radio, March 2010

“9 ways to save on groceries,” Shoestring Magazine, March, 2010

“Blog review:,” DealBandy, March 2010

“Curbing retail regrets,” Shoestring Magazine, March 2010

“Bargain Babe goes dumpster diving,” AOL/WalletPop (clip below), March 2010

Ranked No. 20 in a list of the top 100 personal finance blogs, FIRE Finance, February 2010

“Best deals and bargains blog,” Plutus Awards, finalist, February 2010

“5 top tips for clipping coupons,” Shoestring Magazine, February 2010

“From Main Street to Wall Street,” Guest radio on The David Magee Show, every Friday in February 2010

“100 Important Personal Finance Posts for Women,” Accounting Degree, February 2010 (I’m No. 49)

“Bargain Babe’s Top Bargain Hot List,”, February 2010

“Bargain secrets,” KJOY with Steve and Maria in the Morning, January 2010

“Save money by buying and trading coupons,” All You Magazine, January 2010 (p. 20, not available online)

“Blogging your way to a career,” After the Tassel, December 2009

“Say NO to your dreams!?” Yak About It, December 2009

“How to find the best bargains at warehouse clubs,” Good Morning America, December 2009

“Clip cash off your grocery bill,” Chicago Tribune, November 2009

Ranked No. 20 in a list of the top 100 personal finance blogs, FIRE Finance, October 2009

“Is finding money stealing?” MSN Smart Spending, October 2009

“5 Q’s with Julia Scott of Bargain Babe,” The Urban Muse, September 2009

“Tips to save on college textbooks,” KGO Newstalk with Michael Finney, September 2009

“What should we think about Gmail fail?” Tech Talk Los Angeles Daily News, September 2009

Top 10 fashion blogs, Shoestring Magazine, September 2009

Ranked No. 35 in a list of the top 100 personal finance blogs, FIRE Finance, September 2009

“How to create and make money off a blog,” The Valley Scribe, September 2009

“Women Entrepreneurs, Why They Are Taking the Lead,” The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur No. 44, August 2009

“Taking America’s Recession Lessons to Heart,” Fidelity Investor’s Quarterly, August 2009

“Will extreme saving improve your sex life?” Double X, August 2009

“Revamp your print habits for the web,” Media Bistro, August 2009 (subscription required)

“Entrepreneurship 101: Use the free stuff,” Knight News Leadership Blog 3.0, August, 2009

“How to make better money decisions,” Readers Digest, August 2009

“Penny pinches find cheap thrills at Frugal Festival,” LA Times, July 2009

“Bargain hunters united,” LA Daily News, July 2009

“Frugal Festival comes to Van Nuys,” California Consumer, LA Times, July 2009

“Frugal Festival celebrates the art of Penny Pinching,” Racked LA, July 2009

“Stretching your summer fun dollars,” Jewish Journal, July 2009

Panel guest on “Communicating through Social Media: How to build relationships to reach your audience,” BusinessWire, July 2009

Nominated for Rising Star award, San Fernando Valley Business Journal, July 2009

Morning Buzz Monday, LA Observed, July 2009

Listed in the top 100 Financial Blogs, The Debtress, June 2009

“A new entrepreneur lives her obsession and makes it pay,” Knight Leadership blog, June 2009

“Best online practices for print writers,” Media Bistro, June 2009

“Saving money,” NBC 4 (clip below), June 2009


“Student loan payments get a little easier,” Star Ledger, June 2009

“Frugal or cheap? There can be a big difference,” Washington Post, June 2009

No. 52 on a ranking of the top 100 personal finance blogs on the Web, FIRE Finance, May 2009

“A news entrepreneur discovers her raison d’etre,” Journalism 2.0, May 2009

Selected for Knight Foundation News Entrepreneur Boot Camp at USC, May 2009

“Living the dream: Julia Scott,”, May 2009

Best Personal Finance Blogs, Wise Bread, May 2009

“How successful small businesses stay a step ahead in challenging times,” LA’s the Place, May 2009

“Yard sale tips could earn you extra cash,” Star Ledger, May 2009

Ranked No. 2 in “Top Ten Personal Finance Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of,” Viralogy, May 2009

“Best Personal Finance Blogs,” Wise Bread’s book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, published May 2009

“Plan a cheap vacation that doesn’t skimp on fun,” Star Ledger, May 2009

“Wise advice from Bargain Babe,” Blog Talk Radio, May 2009

“Mother’s Day gifts on the cheap,” News 12 NJ, May 2009

Guest appearance, KCLU, May 2009

“Ways to honor your mom without hurting your wallet,” Star Ledger, May 2009

“Monetize your Web site,” Media Bistro, May 2009 (membership required for full story)

“USC names its digital journalism trainees,” LA Observed, April 2009

“Green to the extreme: how one little bucket can save water twice,” Star Ledger, April 2009

“Earth Day bargains and freebies,” KHTS, April 2009

“Friend with financial problems requires some honest,” Star Ledger, April 2009

“Gardening to save some green,” Star Ledger, April 2009

“Secret’s out on mystery shopping,” Star Ledger, March 2009

“Go out to eat for less,” AM NY, March 2009

“We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you important news about bacon storage,” Time Magazine (Curious Capitalist), March 2009

Interviewed by Tom Sparks, CU@USC, March 2009

Interviewed by Robin Rhys, CSUN’s On Point, March 2009

“Strapped for cash? Sell, sell, sell,” Star Ledger, March 2009

“Julia Scott is a reporter turned blogger who adapted her print skills for the web,” News Thinking, March 2009.

“Don’t be shy when trying to score a discount,” Star Ledger, March 2009

A new market for freelance journalism will emerge,” Journalism 2.0, March 2009

“Need trumps want in downturn,” Detroit News, February 2009

“CityMommy Interviews Bargain Babe,” City Mommy, February 2009

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