1. Kristen Brown says

    I’ve been married just a few short weeks. My husband is TERRIBLE at saving. Money literally burns a hole in his pockets. We’re trying to pay off the mountain of debt racked up from our destination wedding, and struggling to stay afloat. We’d like to start saving for a family if we can see the light, but it’s not happening for us! I’m trying my best to cut costs everywhere but we are still struggling. Help us!

  2. Art says

    I think I do MOSTLY a good job. Maybe I need to spend a little MORE to enjoy life a little. Also, with my some of my emergency fund, I can’t hesitate using it as play money in the stock market with market timing (which I don’t do with most of my money).I get a $1000, I take it out. Right now though, I’m down a $1000, so it wouldn’t be good if I needed it.

  3. Ellen says

    My husband owns his own business. He is the only employee. So when he has lots of work we have money to spend and we do. When the times are tough like now we do not have any reserve to draw on because, well, that savings account has never been started. No reserve money either. We just do with less.

  4. Kelli says

    I have trouble budgeting and planning for the future. I focus more on the here and now and get sucked in by instant gratification rather than socking away money like I should be.

  5. Michelle Ventresca says

    My husband and I are approaching the retirement years, and except for a few investments and some purchases of gold and silver, we don’t have savings at all! I’m not working anymore due to the recession and it is next to impossible to save anything, and what savings we do have are slowly getting eaten up. We need help! I don’t want to be a senior living on cat food!

  6. Budget Buster says

    I have trouble keeping to a budget and need help being able to budget my money and save for retirement. Help!

  7. jennifer langlois says

    My husband and I were financially secure until he had to move out of state due to being laid off. WE lived in seperate states for 18 months trying to sell our house leaving our daughter and I back here in Michigan. The economy slowed down where he was causing us to deplete our savings. Now that we are all back together I have been trying everything in my power and trying to become frugal to build our savings back up.

  8. Joanna says

    Not saving for retirement and not having an emergency fund. Actually, I finally managed to save up a baby emergency fund, but I just about wiped it out with an unexpected and expensive repair – are there any other kind?

  9. debbi says

    Being 51 and not having a retirement account, in this economy… I should have been budgeting all along and showing my kids and their kids how to be okay financially for life ! I need help to help myself, my kids, and my grandkids!

  10. kellee says

    i was never taught to prepare for the future my mom lived from check to check so do i. i need to get something started and i am already 10k in the whole from a previous unemployment

  11. Michele White says

    I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with money. I struggle to save but just never seem to get anywhere realistic!! HELP!!

  12. Carly says

    I need to save better and keep it in a place where I wont touch it later. I want to set up a retirement fund, emergency fund, education fund for when I have children, I have lots of goals but need help getting started and having better habits.

  13. Linda Thomas says

    My biggest problem letting money get away from me is seeing a “SALE” sign. I want to save money and there’s nothing wrong with buying something on sale UNLESS you don’t need it. I just can’t seem to get beyond thinking I’m saving money. But who needs 3 pink T-shirts even if they are only $1.50 each.

  14. Holly Robinson says

    I buy before I compare prices and it always gets me in trouble. I sure could use some money saving skills

  15. Sharon S. says

    I have trouble saving any amount of money for the future. It seems I just make ends meet and have none leftover for savings. I already coupon and coparison shop. I need to be taught where the extra income is found.

  16. Amy says

    The one thing I have trouble with most, when it comes to money, is not spending it! I get paid in cash often, and when I am good, it gets saved. When I am bad, it gets spent. i am bad more often than I am good! I do better when I have a goal, and I keep telling myself I need to set larger goals, and save more, but cash seems to flow right out of my fingers altogether too easily.

  17. Phyllis Greenspan says

    I have never had to budget before. I am very thankful for that. Now however is a different story. I saw a Financial Manager and that is the 1st thing she asked for. I don’t even know where to begin. This book surely would help. Thanks BB.

  18. Stephanie MacDonald says

    We seriously need some help when it comes to budgeting and saving money… we seem to always have money spent before we even have it.

  19. JUDY says

    My problem is leaving my credit cards alone. Can’t seem to pay them down enough because I just keep using them, knowing I shouldn’t.

  20. News Junkie says

    I need to learn to say No
    When i have money I tend to *loan* it out to family & friends But it rarely gets paid back At the very least I wish people would not promise to pay you back & then do the opposite

  21. Sherry says

    Like so many I have little retirement, I’m already 50 and have less than $5K and was laid off last year so that wiped out what little savings I had. When I finally did find a job it was at $30K less than I was earning at the previous job so I am now earning what I was earning when I was about 25. I don’t ever see retirement in my future and am constantly struggling now.

  22. DK says

    It’s almost impossible to put any money away each month for emergencies or just to enjoy a vacation. The credit card amount goes up or stays about the same. It’s an uphill battle. All the bills go up but the salary stays the same. Whew!

  23. Brad Engborg says

    What me and my wife should be doing financially (and we know we should do it but always forget until it is too late) is either make our own greeting cards for birthday and holidays or at least plan ahead to buy cards earlier and on sale instead of last minute. Also mail them earlier to send with the least amount of postage and still get them to the recipient on time. It is not like we don’t know when our all the birthdays are in our family! At $3 – $5 per card this can save a lot of money!

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