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How to Dye Your Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

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Get highlights or lighter hair with hydrogen peroxide. Via shutterstock

Going to a salon for professional highlights and hair coloring is expensive and time consuming. You can dye and highlight your hair with a $1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3%) at home. Just make sure to go slowly and read all the tips below to be safe. While a salon is THE safest way to dye your hair, it is possible to dye your hair safely at home. Of course, you could also dump a whole bottle on your head and come out with a terrible, blotchy dye job. So read these tips first!

I scoured the web to make this the most comprehensive post on how to dye your hair with hydrogen peroxide.

Using 3% hydrogen peroxide to highlight you hair.


Can you afford to be a bridesmaid? Via Shutterstock.

How to Avoid Bridesmaid Bankruptcy


Can you afford to be a bridesmaid? Via Shutterstock.

This summer my sisters and I are the only bridesmaids for my cousin’s wedding. While it can be hard to save as a wedding guest, it seems nearly impossible as a bridesmaid! Since I’m on a budget (and really who isn’t?) I’ve been looking for ways to save while still being a helpful and supportive bridesmaid. Here are my tips for how to save when you’re part of the bridal party.

10 tips to save as a bridesmaid (more…)

How to get a deal on kids' haircuts

How to Score a Cheap Kids Haircut

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The kiddie hair salons today are really quite amazing – some have chairs in the shapes of cars, airplanes or motorcycles. They give out balloons and lollipops, there are arcade games, DVDs of your choosing, toys, books, and vending machines with small toys and prizes in them. You might as well be at Disneyland. And when you get the bill for your kid’s fifteen minute haircut, you’ll think that’s where you were.

Are you paying too much for your kid’s haircut? via Shutterstock 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good cheap kids haircut.


Did you know there's more to hydrogen peroxide than just cleaning wounds? Via Shutterstock.

Bizarre Facts About Hydrogen Peroxide

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Did you know there’s more to hydrogen peroxide than just cleaning wounds? Via Shutterstock.

It’s hard not to fall in love with hydrogen peroxide. It can be used for everything from whitening teeth to cleaning cutting boards, so it’s a must-have in our home. Even better, it’s cheap! You can usually snag a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for $1. Our list of the best hydrogen peroxide prices will help you score a sweet deal.

Bizarre Facts About Hydrogen Peroxide (more…)

Good pictures will help clothes sell themselves on eBay!

Six Tips to Successfully Sell Clothes on eBay

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Good pictures will help clothes sell themselves on eBay!

As I make the switch from my winter to spring wardrobe, I found myself with the decision to donate or sell my clothes. Over dinner with my best friend, she told me how she has made hundreds of dollars recently selling clothes on eBay. Now I’ll admit, it has been years since I’ve ventured onto the online marketplace and I remember the selling process being tedious and complicated. My friend assured me that with the new eBay mobile app, it takes only a few minutes to list and sell. So I gave it a shot and quickly learned why some of my items were selling and some weren’t. It’s all about marketing folks!

Six tips to successfully sell clothes on eBay



How to Build a Vintage Wardrobe on a Budget – Dedicated

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Vintage clothing is hot right now, as you can see if you take a look at the red carpet or at the success of websites like Etsy. Classic clothing can be a great investment beyond its trendiness, however. If you’re thinking about injecting a dose of new style into your wardrobe with vintage fashions, however, you might be surprised by how expensive it can be. With vintage in high demand, there’s lots of competition for the best deals. Keep the following tips in mind to score some mint condition vintage pieces even on a budget. (more…)

Where can you snag the best prices on hydrogern peroxide? Via jypsygen / Flickr.

Who Has The Best Price on Hydrogen Peroxide?


Where can you snag the best prices on hydrogern peroxide? Via jypsygen / Flickr.

We love hydrogen peroxide because it saves so much money (especially as an alternative to cleaning and health care products) but who has the best price?

We checked prices at nine different retailers, using online prices, so your in store price may differ. Use coupons to snag an even better deal, but of course!

We use hydrogen peroxide for so many things, from whitening teeth to removing yellowing from lace. If you have yet to learn of the amazing powers of hydrogen peroxide, check out our list of 25 uses for hydrogen peroxide.


Who has the best price on hydrogen peroxide? (more…)

uses for household products

288 Handy Unusual Uses for Household Products

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Move over Helpful Heloise! Bargain Babe has 288 tips for alternative uses for household products! via Shutterstock

Do you have helpful alternate uses for household products? My grandpa used to put wooden handles on fish hooks to make a handy coffee filter pick-er-up-ers. My grandma used coffee filters for everything from polishing glassware to a quick cheap cover for microwaving food. She also taught me that when I only need half an onion in a recipe, to store the other half in a mason jar with a paper towel to keep it fresh and keep the fridge odor free.  It seems our elders knew all kinds of helpful homemaking hacks!

Megan’s post, 10 new uses for mason jars caught my eye the other day. It reminded me of some of these hacks and kicked off my scavenger hunt for all the great ideas in the other “alternative uses” articles here.  It never ceases to amaze me how many helpful, money saving articles there are here on BargainBabe! I’ve rounded them up for you in today’s post!

Make spring cleaning easy with our ultimate life hack resource of 288 surprising, alternate, and unusual uses for household products.


Common - and not so common - ways to recycle used coffee grounds.

21 Uses For Coffee Grounds


Common – and not so common – ways to recycle used coffee grounds

Every evening when I prep my coffee pot for the next day I think, “There’s gotta be other uses for coffee grounds,” as I dump them into the compost bin. I asked around and scoured the internet to come up with this list of common – and not so common – coffee ground uses.

21 uses for coffee grounds


Spend now to save later!

Savings With Every Step: Cost Cutting Tips for Buying Shoes – Dedicated

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Love shoes? Check out these tips to save on shoes.

Shoes may not make the woman, but the right shoes can make your outfit complete. The wrong shoes, on the other hand, can spoil a great look. Purchasing the right shoes is much easier if you have an unlimited budget, but if you need to watch your budget, fitting out your shoe wardrobe can be a challenge.

However, there is no need to settle for cheap shoes simply in an attempt to save money. In fact, in many cases, going cheap can ultimately cost you more than your would otherwise have spent. Instead, by employing a few savvy strategies you can cut costs and still wear the latest styles of footwear.   (more…)