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3 Great Tips for a Marriage Proposal on a Budget

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There can be no doubt about it, weddings are an incredibly expensive affair. Luckily, as we have pointed out in an earlier article, there are a number of things that you can do in order to have a great wedding on a budget. But before you even start thinking about planning a wedding, you will need to think about how you are going to pull off the proposal in a way that will secure you the all-important “yes”.

Obviously, you will want this momentous occasion to be a memorable event that you will look back on fondly for years to come. It is perfectly understandable if you automatically start thinking that you will need to spend a great deal of money to achieve this, although this needn’t be the case.

‘Memorable’ does not need to be synonymous with ‘expensive’, and with a bit of planning and forethought, you can propose in a manner that your partner will never forget. To help the process along, we have laid out a number of things that you could do so that your proposal will still be unforgettable, but won’t necessarily break the bank. (more…)

Searching for the perfect Valentine's gift?

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Personalized Romance Novels

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Searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Check out these new customizable romance novels! Via Shutterstock.

Every Valentine’s Day I tend to shy away from traditional gifts of flowers and chocolate. Instead, I look for new and unique personalized gifts. Whether that means making up a man’s bouquet, mixing up DIY bath bombs, or even just baking a new Valentine’s Day recipe it’s fun to try something different every year! What’s the must-have gift this year? A personalized romance novel!

Unique Customized Romance Novels for Valentine’s Day


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Best Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to share some of the hot tech gifts I’ve seen: A ring that vibrates when your cell has an incoming call, a USB charger that is powered by the sun, and four more gifts for teens, guys, and gals. If your sweetie pie loves technology…

Avoid overspending with these six gadget gifts for Valentine’s Day. (more…)

Handmade heart soap

7 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget

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Handmade heart soap

Valentine’s Day is about love and affection. It is not about diamonds, overpriced chocolates, or other expensive budget-busting gifts. At least it doesn’t have to be. We’ve already shown you how to create delicious and healthy Valentine’s treats and hand make Valentine’s Day goodies. Now we’ve put together seven creative, fun ways to show your affection for the one you love – or disdain for the holiday, as the case may be – without putting an unnecessary strain on your wallet.

 7 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


Clementine cuties

14 Healthy Treats for Valentine’s Day

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Clementine cuties

This February 14th, show your family members you love them by serving healthy festive treats. The kids will be getting enough sugar and Red Dye #2 at their school parties – why not offer a better alternative? And how about serving your Sweetie a natural Valentine’s Day treat made with fruit, cheese or other alternatives to chocolate?

14 fun and frugal ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day (more…)


How to Save Money on an Engagement Ring


Sparkle! Via Shutterstock.

Frugal brides know the value of a dollar. These are the brides who opt for backyard weddings and skipping a honeymoon. These brides don’t shy from hand-me-downs – everything from the dress to the wedding favors – and, they certainly don’t need the added expense of a high-priced engagement ring.

On average, couples spend $4000 on engagement rings, but frugal brides know that money is best applied to more fruitful endeavors, such as the wedding itself or a down payment on a new home. The following are engagement ring options for money-saving couples.

The engagement ring is a meaningful symbol, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. (more…)


Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

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Enjoy your holidays. Via Shutterstock.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. If you are traveling, be safe. If you are staying home, be well. We had a recent bout of stomach bug run through the family, and I’m certainly hopeful that you don’t catch what’s going around!

I am looking forward to a quiet, travel-less holidays and maybe a little snow! What are you looking forward to?

Enjoy the time off and we’ll see you again next week!

~ Julia and the team


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Highly Rated Thriller eBook Only $2 (Reg. $4.99!)

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Today, Dec. 6, you can score the highly rated eBook, The Widow File (A Dani Britton Thriller) , for only $2 (reg. $4.99!). According to reviewers, this novel has a clever fast-moving plot that is sure to keep your attention.Remember you don’t need a kindle to take advantage of these deals you can read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices. Check out the review below for more details.

The Widow File Review